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About Ellie Garraway

Ellie's love of books led her first to a career in publishing. Her mischievous creative streak was fired with the discovery of making books herself as artistic expression.


Her books aim to evoke an atmosphere, mark time and place, or respond to themes and events. She enjoys exploring unusual structures and experimenting with a wide range of techniques, media and materials. Elements of printmaking, photography, paper cutting, collage, found, recycled and natural materials all feature in her work.


As part of a year in Sweden studying traditional folk crafts, she worked with natural plant dyes, and her steam printing work takes full advantage of the abundant foliage around her home in the Welsh Marches.

Ellie is part of the Marches Book Arts Group, and exhibits at a range of local and national art events.


She continues her publishing work with Words Ordered,  a necessary distraction from spending time in her spacious studio.

Visit to find out more about Ellie's travels with her partner Adrian and their campervan.

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